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Thursday, June 19, 2008

part 2

the 2nd day, we woke up late. and have probably about less than 30 minutes to reach Kuah from Chenang beach.we are rushing as afiq was waiting at the island hoping counter and the tour starts at 9.with an empty tummy, we rush to the car, and pack up and check out of the hotel. not knowing the route, we just follow where the road brings us and also the sign board. we end up in the airport, with is kinda worrying as we never passby the airport as on the way, last nite.good thing, the road is clear, and of course, ray chou, put the pedal to the metal.we arrived at the Kuah jetty, right on the dot. after paying, we been escorted by the tour guide/boatman to the boat and afiq is off to work.

as you can see the further end, there is a marina where lots of fancy yatch docked.

while this pic (above) is at the marina @ penang.somehow if there is an ariel view of the langkawi one, the design kinda similar.

having empty tummy, i decided to get some sneak from the store nearby. twisty and potato chip.and probably can share with the fellas in the boat later. we are joined by 3 others, strangers. 3 malay girls, who are frens.with the boat full, the boat man finally decide to move. the boat man today is not as friendly as the one we have before at Tanjung Rhu, nor is he rude.

the sky is blue, and its a perfect day to go island hoping. these are some of the island. with the boat man drifting at a very high speed, and we can actually feel the water splash and also resonant effect of other boats that goes the opposite direction. it felt like you goin on a small hump at a very high speed.

after a heated debate for 5 mins last nite, and some sensitive issues that been discuss, that probably offensive.things are all good after that. even ray, naturally hot tempered and grumpy ( nearest to the cam) smiles.

Pulau Dayang Bunting. if i get the spelling right. we can see, its like a shape of a lady huh? a pregnant one. as we go on, we stopped at the dayang bunting's jetty. there no pics there, mayb in rizal's cam, which i havent have the pics from yet. as there are way too many monkey around. and i don reli fancy those creature. especially when i have my food with me. when i come down from the boat and see those hairy creature that so called to be man's closest species, its like a "oh shit"moment. i should have left my chips in the boat. walking up and down lots of stairs till we arrived at a lake. as u can see from the pic, the lake is right in the middle of it. so its kinda of amazing. we can dive in the lake for a swim, or rent those small canoe.we did neither of that. after an hour we went back to the boat. as we approach the boat, **%$%$%*$ monkey, come from behind for a sneak attack. i was shock. and the plastic broke, so do one of the unopen twisty. *babi wasted my money* i have to say they hav sharp nail. while waiting for the last malay girl to enter the boat, a monkey almost come into the boat as it follows the food trail. ray took out one of the chips, and try to temp the monkey. if the monkey would jump, we will throw the chips into the water. hey, revenge a bitch rite?

the 2nd stop was to look at eagle feeding. it din amuse us this time as we already saw it yesterday. however, the huge eagle, a symbol of langkawi and freedom, does make me go "oh.. wow!" we end with the 3rd stop at Beras Basah. one of the island there, and we are allowed to swim at the beach. let just say, its great for guy's sight seeing.

and we met...........................................................

................................................................... .........................................................

.................. ..................... ...................... ................... ....................... ..................... ............ ............

K.C hong and her family.they are just behind us, from the places where we put out clothes. well, not bahaving politely, i guess her dad are suspecious, what the hell, all these boys doin, and now they are looking at my daughter. so we decide not to greet Kc, as the dad don look too pleased. every good thing have to come to an end. so do our great "view". we head back to Kuah. sad for Rizal, as his bmw F1 cap flew off, as by the wind. on the way back, it was raining. but thank godness we get out of the cloud and head back to the jetty.

with hungry tummy, we go makan. and after that did some shopping for those back home.

looks like lipstick and box of condom rite? well its not. its actually flavoured cigars and box of flavoured cigarrate.*Shhhhhhhhhhhh...... don tell the mama* :P and borong the chocolate shop.

we decide to go back to Tanjung Rhu, for the evening. to swim and walk around.

we walked to that small tiny island, as the water we, tought is shallow. BUT, on the way, we got stuck in a mud, and the water was till our chest. and after climbing a slope, we arrive at a path way, where the water are shallower. as in the movie " ah long ptd", playing football with durian, we played fooball with crab. luckly Amar have that croc kinda shoe, so it don hurt when kick the crab. so as the sun set, we sat by the sea and that mark the end to our holiday.
dinner again, we saw some pasar malam, and just stop. this time its longer, means, MORE FOOD! good things like this, is something that we cant have it in big city like KL. checking in the hotel, the first one that we had, but we reject. its easier as tomorrow we hav to catch the early ferry as the bus was at noon.

view from the bus, i love it at the north, its so peaceful and the people are nice.i guess cuti cuti malaysia like this, makes u appreciate what you have in your own backyard, instead of the one promoted in the discovery channel, places like madrid or french rivera, of course those place are great too, but, home is where the heart is..

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