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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my holiday part 1

good morning freshies!.. rite. 2nd day of the new acedemic year, means new intake thus there are lots of freshies around mmu. lots of semangat, and lots of them even go to the library serching for books. wonder how long will that last? =P

btw, its been a while since i post any new post. and well, i guess its an open secret that things are not that good for me in the past.

this is my trip with my closest frens. you know, those that would take a bullet for you? well not literally.everyone agrees that i should take a trip away to get my mind off things.well here is the journey. tho its no fancy french rivera or madrid, i guess its who you are with that makes the trip great.

the day started early in the morning around 6, when my sister kick my butt out of my the comfort of the new bed. i kinda love that bed.though i opt for the latex based matress, but been overrule by the parents for the pocket spring ones.but what the heck, its goood.leaving the house to beat the morning rush. and so we arrive at jalan dungun around 7 plus. and at the parking i saw..

kinda cool huh?well, maybe am a bit jakun, never saw this before in malaysia. its a car park where, the car can elevate up, so another car can park at the bottom.

my sister went to work, while waiting for dena and raja to pick me up. so i had breakfast at "fig tree" while seeing those HELP uni people arriving for class, i took the picture of the stair case, where there are lots of memories.

the bad news was, the kitchen is not ready yet for me to fill my empty stomach with food, thus i ordered my drink first

no better way to start the day with a hot chocolate eh?

finally the food that i ordered was serve

their breakfast set was consist of, hotdog, egg of your choice, hash brown, bacon,olives and tomato cherry.

why am i promo for them again? after the stupid cina waiter, talks as if am stealing from them. sigh..

anyways, raja appeared. haven't seen him for ages. lucky fella now is on holiday till september when he will be flying off to Manchester.- ingat my ticket bola IF you are reading this :P

dena appeared, with the red wira. we went to the nearest shell to fill in fuel, apparently she is a huge hit with those bangla workers there. so off we go to Citibank tower, near the nikko hotel, and a walk away from KLcc. apparently her job from a receptionist turns into a jaga.we lepak at the office for most of the day. online, talking and planning to make prank call that tak jadi.

as usual the moneys love to play a trick or two. trying to lock me out of the office. me and raja bug dena to leave her job so we can catch a movie. too bad it was a school holiday and the like was " whoa!" we walked around the posh store around klcc after having lunch and go back to dena's office. after trying to book dilbrit taylor at 5, the operator let us down.

the sky was angry that day. after leaving the office, we drove to klcc to hav dinner,

we finally decide to go to dome.gang muhibah, when you have a cina, india and melayu. althogh thats what we literally call each other, " eh melayu" :p

it never fail to amuse me and make me proud of this country.a wonderful shot at the twin tower on the way back to kl sentral.

driving back from klcc, was a crawl. jam most of the way. but i guess its a blessing in disguised. as i need to wait for other monkeys to go the bus station, as bus for kuala perlis leave at midnight.that night also was the night before the fuel price hike. thus almost whole kl come to a standstill, and everyone rush to the petrol station to fill in petrol.

waiting for hours for amar, ray, and rizal to show up. thus i read the newspaper. amar describe is as if am waiting for a flight.though the check in counter at kl sentral do ring some bell, because its that time last year. me and my family went to the trip of our life to europe.

as everyone turns up, and so do the bus

its been a while since i wanted to go on this bus as it is a double decker bus.we got the most front seat. and rizal and ray have the driver's view from upstair. so there we go, talking, gossiping, and catchin up. to be honest, its been more than a year or two, or probably more, that ALL of us gather togather. although one is missing, but that one well, promised to come but like usual pull out at the last minutes. tho its nice to have everyone back again.and there are not a moment of akward silence even if we don't gather togather for years. guess that what makes us the bestest of fren. i accidentally saw a massage that one of them send to their gf it say " of course am happy, am with all my bestest buddies".

amar ( dark jacket, queue for the ferry ticket, and a guy that never sleep for the entire bus journey, rizal)

mamat mamat waiting for the ferry. everyone looks blur as they just up from sleep.

well, as the ferry arrive, it took around 40 mins to reach Kuah. everyone was excited to start off the holiday. we contact afiq. a person that we know who lives here, and he pulls all his connection to plan the holiday for us, from car rental, hotel, island hoping package, to places to see and visit. although we can find it ourself, its always good to have a local rate rite? :P

after seeing the hotel, we are not that happy with it, so we decide to have breakfast and roam around the island. we din not check in the hotel as we put it as a last resort. afiq went off to work so we are on our own, driving aimlessly, without having a bathe or a change of clothes, ahh..... what a way to backpack. ( sound so like a wannabe rite?) ;P

the driver of the day is ray chou, as he do drive like jay, in initial d. one hand at the staring and the slumber look and potong and speed like nobody business. and it took at to tanjung rhu. a nice beach, and far from the much more busy Chenang beach. tanjung rhu was peaceful.

as we walk around the beach, an aunty advertising the service she provide. mangroove tour and also fishing plus cave exploring, fish feeding, and also eagle feeding. the price was very resonable. around rm 260 per boat. thus we book our session at 2pm.

we then drove 20km back to Kuah town to have lunch, and to look around what to buy as gifts for the people back home.duty free stuff like chocolate,alcohol, and tobaco product. as we survey around the price. on the way back to tanjung rhu, the rain started to pour. we were worried bout our boat trip. as we arrive there, the lady assure that its normal to rain. i personally was worried when she called the boatman come and fetch us, as it just after the rain, and it still drizzle, i was worried if the water still not calm. but my worries was unfounded,as we ouot on the life jacket and the boatman start the tour, it was all good, the rain water splash into ouor faces, ahh........ just a great feeling. first was the mangroove tour. its also educational, where there are places that they once made coal.

as the tour goes on, the weather turns on our side. it stopped raining and its not too hot or cold, it just plain perfect. and some of the scenery its like we are on the set of indiana jones, with the cave and hills. its great!

this is bukit king kong. can you see it? its like the shape of the great ape dont it?

goiing thru small narrow water way, does kick in the andredline. a sense of trill and adventure.

since it just 4 of us, and we have a wonderful boatman and also tour guide, the abang tought us a trick or two about handling the boat. each of us have the chance to handle this beast of the water.and trust me, its harder to control and turn the boat unlike how we use to turn using cars.

gua buaya, due to the rising water by the rain, we missed out a chance to enter the cave. we passed by where some of the yatch docked. its cheaper to dock here according to the tourist guide abang rahter than the one at the marina. the place is suitable as it protected from the strong wave and current from the open sea.

lots of yatch from all over the world to my suprise there are some even from london. wonder how they get through the open water, it gonna be a hell of a journey, and this cool one is from sydney.
we visited the fish farm. and being guided by a kid like in secondary school, but he was kinda knowlegble. and the best part, we can actually play and feed the fish, instead of just looking thru the glass mirror at the aquaria. the best part is feeding and pat the stingray.apparently they don bite.and they just suck ur finger in, and you don feel a slightest of pain!
next thing to do is, eagle feeding. well , to be honest i don expect as many eagle, but there are whole bunch of them and they are huge, wild eagle. not those kind that we see in zoo. the abang threw some chicken skin and rev up the boat's engine to attract the eagle. in no time the eagles swam around the chicken skin area.

so off we went to the open sea. at first i tought it was a joke, as i look back the further and further we went away from the shore. till a point that i can see some fisherman in action and i know am far away from the land and the water is carzy deep.

as the abang lay down his anchor, i tried for the first time in my life a shot at fishing. and i have to say am no fisherman. the only catch i made is 2 ikan kembung, and that also the abang helped me to throw the bait far far far away. and for a small fish like that its damn heavy to pull.we all spend almost 2 hours here

we den take a shot at fishing for sotong. on the way, i saw some swordfish, it was a "holy shit" moment. swordfish kills ok. so we go near the cavy side and there are coral around, this is where the sotongs are.well sotongs are like snakes of the water. it spits like a spitting cobra and it hiss like an angry snake too.

fishies lots of them. tiny tiny fren of nemo came as soon as the bread.

as the sun set, so does our first day at langkawi. on the way to Chenang beach to check out some night life and also for dinner, we passed by a pasar malam. so we borong the pasar malam. and there is this grilled chicken with a special sauce as i quote ray said " this is good shit, better than sex".

the adventure is not over yet. as we are not happy with the hotel in the morning, we went hotel hunting. looking out for the best spot and price.hotel after hotel after hotel. as the worst case, we planned to sleep in the car :p

but its all good as we found our place,and at a reasonable rate. those its no 5 star, it is quite OK, for a sleep.

we went out again after cleaning ourself. this time, to check out the night life. sadly there arent any, but calling afiq, he suggest to go to some bar or club.but us being us, we don like to go for the easy cheap thrill. instead we go spying, becoming Mat skodeng. for those couple that do their stuff. even when the police came. hehehehe... we have no fear as we have our legal expert in case bad stuff happens. after a LOT of talk. and of course i got a LOT of sticks from them. we call it a night.

those sticks, critics, in a way of advice, something that i have long never experience.well, its fren like them that well, straighten you up. suck up all those emo-ness and just bang you with the shit of life, the hard fact.though some might think its less sensitive, but i guess, close friends just hit u with the cold hard and harsh words. and of course, being tired and everything temper do flare, and certain sensitive issue like racial and discrimination issue also been brought up. but after a heated arguement and 5 min of silent, we are back to laughter. thats what makes me enjoy their company as they wont keep anything in their heart and get over stuff just like that. so thanks guy

part 2 coming up later. tired lah.


Yin Fung said...

wei cina...

this post damn long samo got part 2!!!. aku scroll sampai lenguh.

u bcome mat skodeng got shoot any skodeng pictures??? share la wei. (wtf i'm so shameless, hahaha)

julian said...

din take any pics la..

Anonymous said...

i thought of getting u a pic of me n christiano ronaldo... but since he leaving ManU oledi... i'll get u a pic of only me... Hee hee...
Rizal dah gemuk siut... Jahat wei aku!!!

julian said...

rizal dah diff, now cant bully no more

Anonymous said...

serious shit...???
oh well... aku tak pernah buli pun...
so no diff... only applies to u... haha