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Monday, June 23, 2008

i miss...

i wan go home, a place where i belong, and all your love is good enough for me

its been like already 3 years since i leave home. sometimes it goes like a flash, sometimes, 1 minute feels like an hour.

some say, its a process of growing up. you stay outside, u take care of yourself, you look after yourself, you settle your own stuff.compared to most of my frens, am the one that stayed out the longest so far, as some of them, leave home after pre-uni. of course, i do have friends at MMU, who stayed out for the same duration as me, and their situation is a bit more worst as they cant go home during the weekend.

moving to a new place, new hse, well, its a bit weird, i mean, needing to adjust to new surrounding, tho its not that bad.well, i have good friends that took the trouble to drive all the way from Bangsar to visit, so a big THANKS.. ya?

but the hard part was, well, though its not a new thing, i dono why it effecting me now, and quite a lot. well, sister and mom have to leave home early for work to avoid the jam, coming back home, late in the evening and go to bed early after a tiring time travelling. well, dad now having to travel to the north to set up the office and clinch some deal. although bro got transfer back during my last, weekend of my holiday.

guess, i am missing the time that EVERYONE is around.having a meal, a normal simple home cook one, with everyone around. the most simple thing somehow matters the most. i always tought that all the nag to do house chors, i hate it, i wish the new sem start early. but as the sem into its 2nd week, i felt like how i felt in Alfa, the home sick-ness have really got on to me. though the is the "freshie's sickness" somehow, it cant be charactise like that.

well, the bottom line is, i miss home. i miss my mom who always been supportive, in things i do and always remind me to look things at a positive way, dad who is most of the time not home, but thats not his choice, but he have to provide the food on the table, sister who always annoying but, also know that will have my back, and brother, who have an ego as big as the size of his head, but brother's are brothers.

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