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Friday, April 9, 2010

i hate it but i know i will miss it..

With recent events like all the 3 dateline which is coming this Monday,exams and all that jazz, its gonna be, and it is a busy week. Lab is crazy, with people start to line up from 9 p.m onwards, thank God that Yee kean already lined up a day earlier at 5 a.m. thus we manage to finish the lab, the graph at least.

During the week, there also Nano Science exam. I did badly for the first test and not knowing what the question was asking, I hate that feeling. Thus for test 2 this time, I put in a bit more effort, I do hope that it will pay off, and of course, with a little help of Red Bull during the preparation at the library adding the fact that my class starts from 10 am till 7 pm during that day.

Tough, yes....  hate it, a little bit. I mean of course anyone with a sane mind would just want an easy cruising life, but this life as a university student is the opposite, especially when am suppose to graduate next year, if nothing bad happen, the road is getting harder.  but I know like it or not, assignment have to be done, exam have to seat thus instead of venting it better to enjoy the moment as student as much as possible before it ends..

Next semester is my industrial training, there are still some work to do especially the logistics. But coming back the following semester, is not something am looking forward to. yes I would love to graduate, but apart from academics, there are other things that occuring. In short, sometimes friends are there for you, and sometimes friends fuck things up for you. But its not really my decision. Like all the exams and assignment, like it or hate it,its gonna happen and am gonna face it.

On a positive note, am too am thankful to have two wonderful partner in my assignments , Yee Kean and Pei Se. Also some patience and compromise from other group like Jensen's. Other than technical 'support'  from Nanotech course mate like Sooi Long, Ken and Yin Ling. Sometimes when we don't know the person well, we might think they are lansi, but instead of listen to what others said, its better for us to get to know them personally and judge it for ourself.

As the sun is setting we can view the sunlight dim from the library to the grandhall, coming here is not my first choice, but I know I will miss it someday, One more year for me to appreciate it and have no regrets.

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