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Friday, March 26, 2010


Haven't really got the time to reminiscing lately, or for the past month or 2. searching for internship, trying to keep up with the kardashian   class, sister wedding, mid term, assignments.... do make me feel bad too because I hardly catch up with my friends too..

Last nite was a night out at zouk. quite sufficient number of pretty and sexy babes around. the place is so-so, too smoky for my liking personally. Although there are lots of hot one around, there are also the not so hot one trying to get some attention, well... its not much an attention rather than distraction. to put it in simple, a size 20 tube dress should be illegal!

partying and all that is the thing we do, while we young. but after a while the fun of partying and club just got saturated. Although my ideal case of life is earn a lot of dough and party with all the different hot chic every night. I mean, which guy would disagree right? but they say, God's work works in different way. As time move on, lots of event happen make you rethink of your plan.

As cheesy as it sound, the thought of the old traditional happy-ever after thing did cross my mind, but life's surprise  is not always sweet as a box of chocolate. Recently a friend also suffer the same fate, and almost the same situation. I do hope I could giving a shoulder to lean on to that poor fella. Going through such experience with no support, well... it sucks. 

From sad things, lets look at happier things, some might say the miracle of life. 

this is story of......

Boy from Melaka
meet girl in Ireland
girl from Thailand.
Boy study in Canada.
Boy back for summer break.
Boy fly to Bangkok to visit
Girl fly to Melaka visit boy.
Girl vow to fly to Canada for boy's graduation 
Girl starve,work at tiger show save up
save just enough
Girl went to the embassy for visa interview
Girl virtually got the visa.
Soon, girl flying to Canada to meet Boy

True story..

the cute transatlantic couple 

Yes its a true story of my friend. meeting half way around the world to find out both of you are from neighbouring country. for me that is already something amazing, and being able to sustain the relationship and the sacrifice to fly to Canada just for his convocation. That is just out of this world. I mean, if you got limited resources, won't you just buy something that you really want? like a new gadget or branded handbags?but to sacrifice for a guy.... sorry to be generalizing or judgemental but, which girl do that?  well only good one i guess, there are girls like that but the group is getting smaller. do wish them the happy ever after ending.

from the potential to the new happily married..

click here to watch all 20 parts of the wedding from the eve to the dinner it self

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