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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sister's wedding

Sunday, March 14th 2010, its her big day.Officially.She is the first among us siblings to walk into the other side, even cutting the queue, she is the first to step in family-hood. There are still this question on my mind that can only be answer with time. Is wedding meaning that you gain another brother? or you just losing a sister.

The bling

In the morning of the legal binding wedding ceremony. Means they are marry in the eye of the law.

The witnesses

I always thought the exchange of vow is a deep touching and emotional moment between the bride and the soon to be husband. It means the mother of all promise that you gonna make and are to be bond to the words till death due us part. Well at least thats the ideal case. But got no idea why its funny for them.

Are you really happy Mr.Gan? where is the smile?

I saw the watery eyes of my elder brother. Although he did not show much emotion, to jaga his macho-ness. But somehow as the eldest, I think he do care for her just, don't know how to show or express it.

So it's official, legally

New family? For me personally I still feel a certain degree of akwardness by having a brother in law. I guess there is not much bonding, or a get to know each other season.

Off go the happy couple. What ever  my questions are.... I guess one thing is for certain. You can't choose who you are related to. Thus, as a brother, as long as she is happy. I got her back. Hope the wedding this weekend will go on smoothly. No cold feet, no run away bride, no exes Congrats both of you...

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