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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the sinking ship

There are lots of videos, blogs links and 'like' on FB giving out negative feedback on the country recently. If these are the so called grass root of our nation, am sorry but the 'One Malaysia' concept seems like a sinking ship. The concept coined by our prime minister seems ideal enough to a multicultural nation like us, but sadly I feel it will take years for it to materialise.

If we look at the US for example, how Martin Luther King fights for equal rights especially the level of racism around that time is quite high, now years and generations later only we see that all the effort, by Dr King, can be said as a success as President Obama be the first black president. Sad to say, here our people are still half baked. we see our self by our skin color not as a Malaysian. There are lots that need overhauling for example certain people ambition failed ambition to be Prime Minister, some wrote and crap a lot of stories without concrete evidence thus lead to hiding, certain politican are just too extreme. If we look at the video of the dewan rakyat preceeding, sometimes its a joke how instead of implementing and discussing issues that would benefit the country, they would waste their time on personal attack on each other. Again if we look at the US, how a Hillary Clinton and Obama could work together and how the Republican and Democrats would agree on certain Bill for example the current Health Bill.  They work for the benefit of their people, and if the lost in a presidential race, they would gentleman-ly step back and support the winner. United State could be a united country where we can see the black and the white marriage, and even as we watch porn there are interracial porn! how fucking un-racial is that!

I do love my Malaysia, just because there are too much of crap, it is sad that there are rare good pieces of article of Malaysia can be seen on the web, one of the good article is 1 Malaysia the Korean way as how the writer explain how a foreign act can unite the youth. And an interesting quote there is The kids did not have trouble getting along. “It’s when they lose their innocence and become corrupted by adult prejudices that they start thinking like adult. I also agree that parents do tend to 'poison' their child mind.

Another good piece is by Tony, heck we all admire him. For me, he is someone I could really look up to even though our skin might be the same, people from all races loves the man. He pointed out that we ourself could be champion, yes I do wish someday I would stop worshiping Ferrari, we have our own heroes in Nicol David. From the article Tony said "For too long we have been a nation of losers and we always whack those who try. We ridicule them instead of celebrating ambition, innovation and guts." For me its a good point indeed. Before I ask one of my friend if he would rather an imported 5 year old car or a brand new Proton and he said of course imported one! Malaysian car have been ridicule as Milo can. we wack and we condemn the national car, but one question is, why are we still driving it? 

It will take years to change the people mindset, as the older generation mostly 'poison' my generation, I do hope the idea of One Malaysia by the Prime Minister one day would be a reality, and who knows Tony might be our new PM candidate, he would certainly get my vote. 

"It’s much better than just writing negative stories or post negative video on FB. Go out and make a difference. Don’t just hammer those with a positive attitude. Change today and go out and make a difference" - Tony Fernandes 

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