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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear friends,

When things comes to an end, its the start of a new beginning. We experience it ourself, when at the end of our kindergarten, primary, and even in secondary. Now its time for the end of their university life for some. Well, life is too short to be all emo and sad. At the end of the day, each of us have our own path to follow, our own route, God have already have plan for each of us. All of us are our own unique individual and we like different things.

Reality bites, and its time to move on but we should also keep those good time and do sent our occasional "hi" the truth is, when we are apart from each other, the gap and time sometimes separate us, and there won't be much topic to talk to each other anymore, not as much as before.

There are a lot kind of friend that we are going to make, some end up being the most person we hate, and some will be the one to be our best man. We can't keep them all as much as we like it,


                                         There are some of good friend that will always be in our heart

                    Some we already made our appointment months ahead to meet up once they are back

                                            Some that we catch up on the net and visit occasionally

                                          While other would call us up as soon as they come back

          But there are some also we once share a brief good memory without knowing where they are today

                                     And those good friends who proceed to their own path

Some that we did not have the chance to meet up, but there are still technology like the cellphone and internet as long as there is a will to catch up

                                As we give our goodbye hug, and promise to write to each other

                                                 Friends are leaving on a jet plane

                                                             Some tears might fall

But we should be happy for them, as they are leaving to seek what they wanted.


Anonymous said...

August 1st... Mark ur calender...
n I'll be on the lookout for that thing u posted on facebook...
pass me the URL again pls... :-)

`peiling said...

i don't remember that picture! haha :P

julian said...

was the farewell dinner v had in sunway remember?