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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parents =)

Coming here I not my choice, at time I am pissed with my parents to put me here. But they say always get what you want, but if u try sometimes, you get what you need. That sometimes is true, most of our life is not a Cinderalla story, there always sometimes we wont be happy with, sometimes we cant understand what the lecturer teach, sometimes we wish for a little extra allowance.

Putting all that aside, for this post, I would really thank my parents. Recently I keep track on my spending, and save it on excel. If you really keep track of your spending and put a cap on your daily spending, you will feel the pain of over spending. Things are really getting expensive, no doubt. now 4.50 is the new 3.50 even if you go to hawker. This make me appreciate the allowance my parents gave me even more.

Cost of living is getting higher by the day especially in the city. I really don't know how my parents manage the financial, but I feel, supporting 3 kids who is growing, with tuitions, itself it is really a burden. And pulling a rabbit out of the pocket,  they somehow manage to send all of us to university. Some might argue " got Ptptn mah" but both of my siblings are enrolled in private college. The only way I could see is that my parents always put our need first, instead of getting the high end beauty product, my mom would opt for a more reasonable one, instead of changing his golf club, he bought my sister the handphone that she wanted badly.

I don understand the feeling of being a parent, but I as I grow older I slowly able to catch a little bit of it. Yesterday is suppose to be a very memorable day for me. Its the day I got my freedom. But I have to seat and complete the tons of assignment. Disappointed I could not witness it, but I am really thankful for my parents for giving me the chance. Now, I just want to look forward to do well in in studies, as they always remind me "just study, and don't worry about anything else".

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