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Friday, March 23, 2012

how fast

What is the fastest time clocked for 100m sprint? How long do you take to drive around a 5.7km circuit? How fast can you change your car tire? Formula one team take on average 9 seconds to change all four tires along with refueling the car. A 5.7 km circuit would probably take them 1.26 seconds to complete. On average they are running at 200km/h. Breaking from 200km/h to 0 km/h in seconds certainly the driver would experience high G forces. But that what they do for a living.

It is Formula One weekend in KL. A lots of glamorous events happening all across town. It is also chance for restaurant and F&B outlets to make promotions and people are out to socialize and have fun, after all it is the weekend. Probably the ferrari club gathers outside concorde hotel now in support for their team for Sunday race.

Last year, me too soak in the euphoria of F1 fever that hit Malaysia.We purchase the grandstand seat and go there for the qualifying race, race day, and also the concert, where we witness ourself aunties fight for Rain's sweaty towel.

After N number of try, Ah Phoon finally gather his courage

Meisiem and the model

Meisiem head leaning towards the direction of her heart
Before the race!

But instead of all the adrenaline rush that sport provide, I spend my time now trying to sleep at 10.55 p.m on a Friday night. That's how much things can change in a year. Have the time to live wild,young and free passed?

And of course the million dollar shot

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