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Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

went to this little girl birthday last weekend, she turn 2. she is the daughter of my cousin. the first among my cousin to have kids. There are few kids playing around, watching the cartoon on the tv. I think to myself I never have any sort of party for my birthday when I was at her age, not even a simple one, although we do celebrate among family members. Went to the happiest place for kids in Malaysia - Toys R Us. Got her a set of masak-masak toys and the toys today are so much different from my time. She fed me with panda cookies, and that worth every single cent of the gift. A sweet gesture, as she are quite the shy type. Days before, I received an SMS from my sister saying the girl got beaten by her nanny, till there are marks at the backside. In case anyone wondering, the nanny was a chinese from Cheras

And today is Mother's day. My first time having korean at Doraen if I spell it correctly. Personally I feel that my mom is a lucky lady. She have all her 3 children celebrating with her, and hopefully if I pass the paper on friday, her long time wish to have all her 3 children to graduate from university will come true, as she is not that lucky during her time, not being able to further her study. But there I will always remember 2 person when it comes to Mother's day. The other person, my nanny. As both of my parents are working to put meal on the table, this nanny look out for me when I was young. She operates the canteen at the railway station when we were at Kuala Krai, Kelantan. She is quite a successful entrepreneur in a own right. Those mak cik that need a loan would go to her to pawn their jeweleries. She trusted me, she guide me using her nice china when she cook. My parents are worries that I might break her nice set of china. But she reassure them that its alright. Even though my memories during the time she was my nanny are now a bit hazy, but like the malay saying... " jasamu tetap dikenang". Sadly for her, her children are a bit naughty.  A few years back when I stop by to visit her during Chinese New Year, its sad to see she is not working for others, washing plates, fried banana. Due to the children, she as a parents suffers. Sometimes the world is not fair, how much she put in to take care of others children ( me) and yet why can't she get a good karma, live a good and simple life especially at such an old age?

She then moved to Segamat her kampung with her husband. Its sad that I can't visit her during my trip back on Chinese New Year. I wish I can share or chip in financially, but all I can do now is to sent her sms, during days like today to wish her Happy Mother's day. During dinner she sms me her address asking me and my family to visit.Its a mix emotion. I feel sad that what have happen to her, and yet happy to know that she still remember me. but the word is terharu, touched.

A happy mother's day to my mom and also my mom. both have brought me up to who I am today. Thank you

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