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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run baby run!

 I never was a runner. At school, I play football, basketball and badminton.Most of my close friends runs well, especially during the school's sport day. Most of them do sprint. I am not sure if its just mental or I cant physically run especially distance running, but sports like badminton, I could play for 10-20 minutes straight? but never running.

So i sign up for the Energizer Night Race, just at the heat of the moment. Its an unique event,held at night and at SIC ( Sepang International Circuit), many people can saw they watch the Formula One from the grandstand, but not many can say they actually touch and go through the entire circuit. I also would just wanna spend some time with my friends. I know most of them practice running for the marathon. Some run at the school track, some at the gym, some at the street around campus. For me, I always think WTF I did sign up for 11km?! always after running the 1km stretch of straight road nearby Cyberia. And the actual race is 11 times more. I always curse myself for making such harsh decision without knowing my ability. Its like buying a shirt without measuring my size. Most of my friends that practice hard always improve on their time, and deep down I know I will be the last during the race.

But, to think of it, such big events, for sure there are a lot more experience runner than myself. So I took my eye from the grand prize, and this race is not about competing for the main draw, or to compete among my friends. Its a race between me and myself. As I watch the Youtube video on the testimony of the runner especially the runner with the artificial leg, I keep on thinking what he said, "Dig Deep"

As I went for Formula One the previous weekend, I notice from the first lap of the marathon that the route is hilly and sometimes flat. So I device a way, where I would only run when its down hill, because running uphill would consume more energy. From the flag off to the 2nd turn, I was already alone. I don't see any familiar faces around. At that moment as I approach the finishing line for the first lap, I really just feel like giving up. My legs are tired, I am thirsty, I never run so far before not even during my practice.

But, somehow I just walk pass the finishing line to start my last lap, I continue walking and put on my I-pod. As SIC is located nearby the airport, I can hear the jet fuel burning as the plane starts to accelerate. A lot goes through my mind then, most are those things that might not go my way, in the past and also currently. Deep down, there are lots of dissatisfaction. There are lots of things I would like to tell a lot of people, most are well not the nicest thing. I could write in my blog or post it on FB but I know, for sure there are people who will tell. I keep inside, brush it off to avoid friction. All these unhappiness I felt, motivates me to push on with my run, as I run my heart out, a sense of relived arise, just like how u shout your heart out when u feel frustrated. As I run and run, I started to walk as I felt tired, I felt someone tapping my on my shoulder, not its not the ghost, its Pei Se, it surprise me that she was behind me, as she always run in the gym. She run ahead as I was too tired to catch up. 

With the free Gatorade, I quench my thirst towards the last lap, I try to dramatize it with splashing it to my face like how you see it on TV. BAD IDEA! it sting my eyes, but not for long lah. As I see the finishing line, again Pei Se  tap me from behind and we finish the race together. As we cross the finishing line, we saw Jansen crossing it too. It really surprise me that I finish together with both of them, as both of them are one of the best runner among my friends.

So not bad lah for my first marathon. Although the organizer was bad. Marathon is a sort of thing that makes you push and push even when you just wanna give up, dig deep and its amazing how life experience let it be bad or good can overcome physical barrier. Mind over matter sort of thing. So its true what the speaker said, " Once you cross the finishing line, its a life changing moment". Can't wait for the medal

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