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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joke... relax just joking!

There are a lot of way to make people laugh, 
Jokes are normally would be one of the way,
There are a lot type of joke, 
the "knock knock" joke, the "why the chicken cross the road" joke
or joke being told in a form of expression like "So cheaaaaaaap"- Kampung boy the musical or
in a way of sarcasm way

Pak Samad: "Itu anak aku, kau tahu kan?"
Din: "Saya tahu Pak Samad."
Pak Samad: "Cantik tak dia?"
Din: "Lawa."
Pak Samad: "Aku buat dia dalam masa 5 minit sahaja! Kau tak perlu setengah jam untuk buat benda yang cantik! Habiskan artikel kau tu sekarang juga!

But jokes like 'come close like a crystal structure?' or 'my life is a sinewave?' seriously wtf is that? or what shifted joke?  oh engineering student get some sense of humor will you? outside of the lab does anyone wanna  relate what is blue or red shifted is? 

                                              Here, this is ladies shifted! with a high yield!

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