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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It is all over. The final exam marks the real final exam. not just for the semester, not just the academic year, but final for good, provided I passed the paper. As the curtain come down, and the clock is ticking when I wrote my last answer, the song ' am coming home, am coming home, tell the world am coming home' plays on my head. You know when you watch a drama, when a person about to leave, his/her whole life flashed back in an instant? All the memories I had here flashed back to me as I put down my pen, and waited for the examiner to collect my answer docket. 

E-1-B have a lots of good and bad memories. At first, I wasn't suppose to be staying here at the first place as I was promised a room somewhere else until the tenant changed their mind. Although there are some bad period in the house, most of the period after those bad influence are removed went smoothly. My housemates, I wish you all well, and I know all of them will do well once they leave. As some will fly to Korea, some are working for the some of the top companies around. I am glad to have these housemates, although some that I did not spend much time with. But come FYP season, we have people to consult to for programming problem, and we converted our living hall into a real life lab, where soldering, chemical etching and etc can all be done. So regardless you are doing software or hardware, there are ppl you can consult to. We had our farewell few weeks ago at 'Tasty Pot'. I really do hope one day we can meet up again at this place we call home for the past 4 years.

As for MMU, well I guess I experience almost all of it. Thinking of how much fun I going to have, bbq-ing and doing all that activities at the inital place I suppose to stay, makes me dropped the question during the exams during my cadet interview, at my Alpha year. All because I don't wanna missed out on all the good time that I potentially have over in Cyber.Do I regret it? sometimes yes, especially when am lost doing engineering.but the memories do compensate it a little bit.

For exams in MMU, I seat for all of it. The supp, the repeat, the full mark for coursework and still fail due to brain black out, the perfect score for coursework, synthesizing something for the first time in the uni, the collaboration with industry, the overseas trip representing the university.. yes the ups and down, all but one - the dean's list. Work hard, I have. Yet I still not sure why I still can't score.  I guess this is the challenge, for me to pick myself up from failure. Things goes really smoothly throughout high school and primary, just this 5 year had been challenging, academically.

As for frens, after leaving its like pressing the 'restart' button from 5 years ago, where now everyone goes back to their hometown again. but this time, we know each other. Thus going to other states, now we have friends to call. Although things will change for obvious reason, the person you see everyday might not be around, or the person you sleep in the same room, that first person that you saw when you get up, might not be there anymore, or the person you always have meal with, the next time you will probably eat your lunch alone, or with new and unfamiliar faces. Thats the reality. As my time comes to an end here, I do not wish it to end, as there are not enough time spend with each and every individual. But then again thats fact and reality that I have to face. Leaving with a heavy heart..

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