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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

post exam

The curtain for this semester come to a close, funnily am still at campus, hoping and literally praying that I can make at least some progress on my thesis. But hopefully this is the last semester break I will be spending here. As much as I am going to miss E-1-B, been here for 4 years, somehow the feeling of attachment will grow. Thick and thin, a lot of happy and sad memories are all stored here.

I remember someone asked me, "hey what year are you in now?"  at that time I was in my second year, not giving much to the alpha,beta etc year thing, I replied " epsilon"...  and the person asked "wow how can u survive so long here?!" Lynda, the person was you. And now you are going for internship next semester.

After the finals paper, I start to doubt myself if next semester  will be my last semester. The paper is quite tough even if the coursework mark is quite OK. 2 weeks of exams and also Chinese New Year passed by so fast, and here come this 2 weeks of so called semester break. Next, the new semester. The wait for the finals result is not quite the nicest of experience. What I have learn for this past 2 weeks is, life is quite unpredictable.

I witness 2 person laptop was stole, one person's father passed away, another person's mother woke up from a coma, and my plans are hanging on a thin thread because of the finals. It shows that our life is fragile, even if we have tons of wonderful plans, but the outcome or the implementation might be different. Maybe for the better or maybe for the worst.

                       "The chicken doesn't know the egg will hatch or be an omelette" - 3 idiots

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Lynda lau said...

Lol i remember you saying that! and i was wondering how on earth did you make it to epsilon so soon because i was only in beta. time flies