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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

disconnect to reconnect

Now hardly anyone is blogging anymore. Not much update and some even shut down blog site, possibly no-thanks to sites like tweeter. Back to the fundamentals, I start to blog to reconnect with my friends when I first enroll myself in MMU.

Blink here, blink there, now it is the final semester of my final year.Lots have happen. No doubt. Before this I am not confidence whenever people asked me when will I be done. My answer is always be 'hopefully' by June. No doubt the lack of confidence is due to my grades. However, I know that everytime during finals, I already gave my all.

So last Friday, the results was announce. It might not be good for others standard, but for me personally, it is an improvement. Spontaneously, Yee Kean over heard my cheer for joy. We went for breakfast, and as fast as social media is as Facebook, Chris gave a comment. Overwhelm by joy, I invited him along too.

So there we are, the 3 of us. Myself, Yee Kean, Chris.  Pops in my mind, that all 3 of us known each other ever since the first day of MMU as we are orientation group mates, but throughout the years, I can't recall 3 of us seating together for a meal. Maybe the lack of chemistry or for what ever reason 3 of us don't really hang out together as 3. But during breakfast is like how u meet an old friend. Of course there are moment of awkward silence, but old stories before this does provide the laughter.

Yesterday I met up with my high school friends. It used to be 5 of us. But as we grow older, each have their own path to follow. To my surprise that Raymond start talking to me on FB, he wanted to meet up with me and Amar, but I delay it to yesterday as I was occupied with the FYP and also Rizal is coming back. But a chance to reconnect with Ray after so many years of disconnection is something am glad to do. Its like the good old time we have during dinner. Although the topic is not like the topics before- girls. Now the topic is more related to career, politics and life. Unfortunately one of us decide to shun himself away from us. I do hope he will turn around and reach out trying to re-connect with us like how Raymond did. The best part of the night is that everyone seems to be doing just fine.

Sometimes we might be busy with our own thing, sometimes our friends might be busy with their own things too. Separation is something that none of us can avoid. Because we have our own little path to follow, we have our own interest and we have our own life. But I hope I would have more time or opportunity to re-connect again with my friends.

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