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Saturday, January 29, 2011


I went to a wedding today at Komplek Tabung Haji. It was my mom's colleague holding a wedding for her children. Anyways, there are only a handful of non-muslim. A lady asked, what is the population of the non over in Kelantan? Probably around 6-7 % of the total I assume.

There have been a few moment in past few days questioning about Kelantan. So here is to separate the fact and fiction.

  1. There IS a CHINA-town. An area where they sell chinese food, and there is a CHINESE MARKET, where they sell non-halal goods like pork.
  2. There are NO gender segregation at school during my time. Similar to the school I attended in KL, we seat the same way, mix boys and girls in class and also at the canteen.
  3. Female CAN wear anything they one including shorts. Especially the non muslim. People will look or stare maybe because you are hot.
This is the top 3 thing I got asked most. Especially in the mix gender interaction. The misconception that people there follow extreme islamic law is totally false. Of course boys and girls can interact, however of course there are boundaries too. Which is also logical to prevent in-moral activities. For example my friend Amar went to the town and another friend of ours, a girl bring him around town in her bike. They travel without any problems.

Kelantan don't really have a tourist attraction in my point of view or any main one, also there are not much of working opportunity, thats why sometimes you can see there are lots of Kelantanese around KL. And when they met, regardless the race, most are like brothers and sisters.

It don't have 2 Tesco,not a Maju Jaya state, no. It certainly not. But its home for us Kelantanese. Comfort zone. Good food and also peaceful place to be. I am looking forward to spend a few days there for CNY, but certainly won't be a place for me to consider to get a job. Being proud of being a Kelantanese is one thing, but at same time we are also realistic. I wish there a little bit more development there, but at the same time I don't really want anything to change over there. 

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