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Monday, January 31, 2011


The first day of the year, lot of people are getting married due to the date of 1.1.11, a meaningful date probably saying that your are the one for me. I have an exciting news too that I received, where one of my close buddy, Amar is planning get engage to his girl friend later this year.

The first thought that come to my mind is, CONGRATULATIONS! as growing up with him since primary although we only get closer in secondary school, we always have a healthy competition to motivate each other, from exams to sports.Good time we have is during form 1 and 2 period where almost every day we played badminton right after school till late evening with another 2 friends of ours, and he used to be my partner. Now we do miss our favorite sport, badminton. 

Throughout the years although we went separate ways as he is studying in UKM and doing IT, and am in MMU doing engineering. We do still keep in touch to hang out, and of course sometimes its understandable that both are busy with our own thing.

Seeing him with his current girlfriend, I know that my friend here is really into this girl compared to other girls he dated before. In my opinion age is not really a matter when it comes to wedding or love. What matters most is the mutual feeling, and to be realistic, financial independence is also key.  Some will marry 10-20 years their senior, some dated for 10 years, and married for 6 months and break up. 

So instead of doubting a good news like a wedding, by asking question ' hey don't you think you are too young?' Am going into this, with the attitude of 'I am your man if you need anything'. He is my friend and I got his back. Congrats! Can't wait to dawn my Baju Melayu and KENDURI! and of course my role of sort of best man in the wedding need to be study, as this is a different culture.

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