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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Travels, anyone ?

MATA fair is this weekend and from the past weeks I noticed that some of my friends snap up the tickets during Air Asia's Rm 1 sale. Good deal I have to say. For me, well I will probably regret not snapping up those good deal as FYP is really one of the fan thing on my mind currently.

Friends, I have various with all different background and different meaning to me. I am fortunate I have to say to have each and everyone of them, I have friends that would take time to celebrate my birthdays, I have friends who guide me in my studies and copy assignments, I have friend who promise to bring me to a happy land if I ever face a sad break up again, and some to have emo talk to.

I know I have to be grateful for those wonderful people in my life but.... I still seeking for a friend. A friend that would join me on my legend ( wait for it ) dary trip. The requirement is simple, willing to spend for this trip and really into the theme of this trip, as various places of this trip but there is only one theme.

Here is how to breakdown the trip details;

First we take a short drive to Port Klang to a place where we could get massages with services. If you read the news and watch lots of 999 you could probably know where is the place.

Next we take an AK or an Air Asia flight to Philippine which will take us to Clark Air base. There are various go-go bars around and lots of pinoys around for some good time. Cheap liquor and beers (San Miguel) of course and hanging out in the bars will be a good 2 days 1 night tour.

Leaving in the morning, to Beijing, China to find some Chinese Chicken Rice, which are a lot over here. So what better place to enjoy it from the origin itself right? Imagine those that makes cheongsam into a mini skirt cheong sam. Nice right? From Beijing, we would take the Trans-Siberia railway. The train will take us right into the heart of Mongolia right up to Moscow in Russia. Would be an amazing train ride through the place where the great Genghis Kahn origin, and we could only marvel at his great achievement travelling and conquering especially when there is not much infrastructure there.

At Moscow, well... unless you are living under the rock, there are no need for me to describe how hot russian chic are. As long as you don't go down after a vodka shot game with them, there are no telling what those russian could do.

From russia we could take budget airlines like Ryan air or train to eastern europe, like hungary. Where we are blessed with the option to choose the girls from online catalogue. From the price to the figure, its all inside at a reasonable price, best of all, it's legal baby! And down we go to Antewerp and also the great armsterdam, however the price here might not be as reasonable as Hungary as it might be jack up due to its popular rep.

We will take a train to Paris as we will take a trans-atlantic plane to the state, United State, and its Vegas baby! And we will join the tour of Porn week. Well, it might sound dirty depends on how you look at it. But its actually a tour where we can experience behind the scene on how they develop a porno movie.

Have anyone heard of Castaway travel? Well, its a traveling with clothing is optional, imagine flying will all nude ppl. hahaha I kid u not. An adult only destination. This should be the climate of the trip. So dear friend, where art thou?

Disclaimer : This post doest not reflect what the writer as a person as it is for entertainment purpose.


Kok Jin said...

how about Work And Travel in YellowStone/NZ next year ?? haha...

julian said...

how is the process?

Kok Jin said...

think need to apply online first, then pay an non refundable deposit...Then go for interview...

If get selected, prepare the money and get on to your flight... lol...

julian said...

is this the travel and work the one in bulletin board? if that one need skip grad ceremony leh

Kok Jin said...

u can arrange your own departure date aka can be put after your graduation ceremony.

this program doesn't require you to be a registered student to take part, unlike the student exchange program.