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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The End and Thank you

Choices and choices, in life there are lots of them and sometimes there are none, but little choice, no choices or plenty of choices all can cause a major headache, as nothing in life is fo'sho. The choices I make are sometimes different from the others, at university, MOST of my friends are in the Tourism CLub, most of my school friends are not in the science field except those who are taking medical course, most of them are from different races, thus I was the only chinese, thus the name 'Ah Pek' come sometimes. At home, I was the only one causing headache for my parents are go against them for my ambition.

So I joined Voices ( for a short period of time) instead of Tourism Club. So I am the only one enroll in engineering field among my high school friends, most of my childhood friends are either Malay or Indian. The choices of internship too I guess is the same, I chose the road not taken. At my place I was the only intern ( although some others too are the only intern ). 

At the start I do envy some of my friends especially those who joined the industry, they have friends at least from MMU. So they have friends in a new environment. But as time move on, I think I am luckier than them as I was able to mix with my colleagues and not stuck with the same people. Don't get it the wrong way,there is nothing bad stuck with a fellow intern, however, for me personally, the main objective of internship is to gain exposure, I prefer to be expose to adult environment, where sometimes you can see different type of characters or sometimes they give you straight.

From strangers, to colleagues, to FB friends and in the end to friends. I guess that is how my relationship grows during my stint there. To be honest its more of a holiday to me rather than a training. I guess my workload is not as heavy as others. And I do have fun at the same time doing silly things. For instance one of male colleague is interested in this girl while we are having lunch at Papa Rich. And the female colleague help him by going to the girl table and say " hi, my friend over there is interested in knowing you" . I thought all this only happen in movies. Of course also mini road trips to visit the customers.

Being the intern, I expected to be treated like a slave or like a dirt. Plus being the only one there. However most of my colleagues don't feel nice to instruct me to do work, but inside I don't really mind as I already prepare for the worst.

As the kuli work from clearing the store room, to making copies, doing QC job on new stock,setting up new system for them and meeting potential client, I still feel I have a lot more to learn from them. But then all good things have come to an end they say.

I am thankful for all the experience that I have gone through, and the friends that I have made. 

"To know if you did a good job, people will miss you when you are gone"

Thank you very much for letting me write this chapter of my life with the wonderful memories.

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Kok Jin said...

Yesh, I couldn't be more agree with your post.. =)