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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Once Malaysia :(

Today is Malaysia Day, the day when Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaya. But Since today is the first time we are having public holiday, there are a little confusion on today is 1 Malaysia day.Its funny how lots of things are related to the 1 Malaysia concept. For instance, the picture above is from my car as I put up the Jalur Gemilang during the merdeka period. An acquaintance came and said, "wah you very 1 Malaysia hor"

I just give a smile and a 'hehe' inside I feel how poor my fellow countrymen are.Poor in memories and any sort of patriotism what so ever. In the period of building towards Merdeka until the Malaysia day ( today) I was fortunate to watch films or real life documentary by FINAS and other local film director on the heroes that give their all towards our country independent.

I always admire the Navy Seal, the US elite military and always in movies, they are like this group of soldier that can't be defeated. Little that I know our country have their own. A lot have make jokes on how old the equipment in the military too, but then again if only they knew about VAT 69

VAT 69 is the commando unit in the country. How they are form? They are form during the emergency to fight against the insurgency of the communist, that is lead by Chin Peng. In the documentary there are interviews of the founding memebers of VAT 69. One of the line by the veteran hero that touch me is

'Bila dengar satu bedil saja, kawan- kawan semua dari belakang terus tembak bagi support'

VAT 69 members are volunteers from around the country with just one objective in their mind : Defeat the communist. So regardless what ever their skin colour can be, they fought and battle and many lost lives, in hope that the country will be in a peaceful state.

But the sad scene today moving foward 40-50 years on, we have forgotten. We choose to differentiate our self by our colour coordination.Don need to see far away, just on FB and you can see few post now and then full of complain and condemn. Its a sick scene, sometimes it keeps me away from FB and also watching the news on TV with so many of political fights.

I feel most of those on FB complaining and etc have been caught on a net, the net of politican playing and touching the sensitive racial issues. I guess they have lost the bigger picture. It's harsh and unfair for me to say they are stupid because they are intelligent than me ( CGPA said so), however its more like ' you know I know, don't need to say much'

A hokkien saying  " Pi lai Pi khi, Phi si lang" in translation ( not a direct one) " If you keep on comparing, if will just do yourself more harm than good"

Why I say this because lots like to compare, like look at China, look at Singapore, look at this look at that. Again go back to history class and look how long have China history started? 1000-2000 years ago? Our country have just gained her independent in 1957. Its not really an apple to apple comparison.

However, yes its a fact that our country could do better in all the field. In sports, in economy etc. But why aren't we as good in football as before? Because of its people obviously. Until now its still the same attitude, compare and complain. Whats the point? Just to show to your friends on FB that you are political literate?

Things is how you see it. One day, my boss call me to the room and show me a new product. Which I don't think many have seen. According to him its not in the Malaysia market yet. Putting 2 and 2 togather, asking him to sell it over here. And he says our country not as advance as Taiwan etc etc. Yes we are not as advance in the electronics field, but capitalize on that fact don't that translate into profit?

And for those who complain on the Malaysia University ranking drop. Sure its always easy to complain, but translating the complain into work that could improve the ranking, isn't it more efficient, dear engineering students?How will it improve? well maybe one of the point taking into consideration is through R & D by the university. But know we choose the easier way to just vent on FB and all other sources that you have.

To be honest, sometimes I do wish the communist will be back, because only with common threat that our country will be one again, am sorry Mr Prime Minister, but the racial blood is too thick among us and too much of 'poison from the older generation', although your concept is a good one. Hate to end this on a sad note but, we were ONCE Malaysia.

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