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Thursday, March 19, 2009

school's out!-tahun melawat kelantan

its been quite a Long! 2 weeks, the 1st week for preparation and the 2nd week for the real exams, having 3 mid term in a week, it such a real PAIN! not to mention, mock meeting, and also lab session. thank God for the week break. with all that out of the way, am just glad to be able to seat for a while more, or just lay on my bed a while more, instead of rushing to read notes or do past year/tutorial. sometimes the smallest of things, that matters

my mom called, and said she already booked my flight ticket, so i b leaving for my hometown for the annual 'qin ming'- excuse me prof. china if THAT spelling is wrong. well, its the time of the year that we go and 'visit' out love one that already have gone to a better place. thinking back, that last time i went back for such occasion is after getting my form 5 result, accidentally, its around this time too...half of my mind wanted to prepare for the elctronics exam after the holidays, but then again, such occasion will do you a lot of good to tie yourself to your roots.

  • some of the things that you CANT get it anywhere else other than in Kelantan

Orange crush, though the ice cream they sell it in other state, but orange crush, is local version or carbonated drink, they also sell it in other flavor like sarsi and also cola. the main different is the extra sweetness and also extra extra gas

curry! well, i know we can get curry almost every where, but the kinda they have is totally different,as they way they cook it different as others, let just say, it is cukup lemak, cukup garam, cukup everything lah, hingga menjilat jari. and we have this for breakfast.curry rice for breakfast.. i'll be 'healthy' when am back

if am not mistaken its the biggest seating buddha in south east asia. there are also various others like sleeping buddha, and standing. in about 25-30 km radius of the area.

have eaten in a place with such roof? and the floor is just sand?well i have, after the tsunami effect, some of the beach suffer erotion, there are not much that we can do at the beach, which is sad..but it come to my attention that they have transform the place to an eatery, with a beach front, and its open till late at night, those normal goreng food you can find here, but the real highlight is the deep fried stuff, from fish ball, to sotong, pick your choice, and not forgetting air kelapa ( coconut juice) that was freshly chop, upon odering.altho a drive to the beach might take quite a sometime around 30-45 mins, but with the cool breeze, and looking at kids playing kite, while enjoying the sunset with some good ole friend called, sotong goreng :)
if there any fashionista around, well, there is a few batik store along the way to the beach, with the friendly local, are willing to bargain the price, if u are able to charm them the right way
see you!

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