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Saturday, March 14, 2009

glory glory man utd

as i open facebook and msn today there are a lot of message saying about the man utd trashing last nite by their arch rival liverpol.sad to say, that even the so called man utd fan themself give their team their negative opinion. one of it is " feel so Fucked up, how can they lose 4-1?!"
is this a sign of a true fan?
  1. a true fan should support their team through ups and down, if not, how can those team at the bottom survive? if their fan ONLY support them when they are winning?
  2. we have to take a good look at ourself, are we really a true fan? or we just follow because they have good looking superstar or they are a team who are just winning?
  3. the thing about football is, anything is possible, thats the beauty of it, look at the FA cup,some lower team can beat the big boys.
  4. whats is there to worry about? yes, its bad to lose to your arch rival but we are 4 points clear and a game in hand. and our manager is a man that is fully of experience, am sure he will give the player his famous hair-drier treatment, so the lads could focus and get back to winning ways

if you are a true man utd fan, never be discourage, if u watch them play long enough, you probably remember the team of 1999, that won the treble, the last minute goal at the nou camp. where teddy sheringham and ole score against bayern that bring us the european glory. why they can do it? because the "never say die" attitude that they have in them. which translate into all those late goals. mayb this defeat can be a test of character of this "new'' sir alex's team. altho i feel that they are lacking of player with character like keano, but with the flair of ronaldo, could certainly compensate the pin point cross that used to service the striker by david beckham. alhough vidic might choke last night, has his contribution on the inter match during mid week have been forgotten? and fringe player like o'shea can look at the older player like ronnie johnsen, where he score 2 headers against liverpool.and certainly the partnership of yorke and cole, is missed, as rooney and berbatov or tevez might not be as consisten as them scoring goals, but they have age on their side. with a great side, fan should also know the background of this club, and not just follow the team blindly, and hail them only when they are winning.

so.. glory glory man utd!

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