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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

daily road trip

march 9th road trip.
its a long weekend, we got nothing to do. pangkor,melaka,penang are fully booked.
thus a day trip to nowhere, and we end up in...


after a few more km of driving, its kuala selangor

by the road we saw the corn stall..

with such a classic toilet

the clock says 4 pm, and its too early to catch the firefly,so we decide to drive
up a bit more, till teluk intan :P

on the way back,we decide to have a dinner in one of the seafood place in
Kuala Selangor

P/s: we watch the all-England finals here, in a grocery store that is about to close!!

spontaneous as we are, is fun NOT to have plans sometimes, just having a full tank and drive whenever the road brings you.although its not some fancy place, but i think to myself.. what a wonderful world.. as all these places that i never visited before, and not knowing its so near. good time.

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