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Thursday, December 11, 2008

am 20! (part 1)

HI! apa khabar? whats up?
1st post here when am 20, and also the 450th post, and some start to brag when they have 200? sigh..
anyways...its been a busy busy time the past weeks, and also the coming weeks
almost or all my weekends in the month of december are fully booked.
this weekend will meeting with some good old frens at vic's place
the next is time for the musical,which remind me that i din't remember
the words to all the songs yet..
next week too having 2 mid term,
and the list goes on.. and
soon, as time goes by.. this month or should i say this busy sem will b over just like that.
sometimes i feel its a relieved that the semester is coming to an end,because
its been very hectic,taking the max credit hour certainly been challenging for me.
but on the other hand, its been just a good month, that i don't want it to end. even the moon is
smiling on the start of december! literally.
i hope my ride on the lucky wave never come to an end.
well, looking at back at last week..this is part 1, some pics are still haven't been uploaded.

this is my last trip driving the perdana. coming back home last week, to know its already gone. its sad really, as i really like driving that car.although its no ferrari, but its a heck of a car to drive.comfortable seat, good speed, and easy to drive. the last trip was fetching kim and her sister to play drum as i wanted to get grocery.

went to pavillion last sat

take #1
take #2
2 takes because i wasn't smiling at the 1st on.. am vain, sue me lah!
with vicki leong, after so long she come back
well, is it that long? not really, anyways firsts time see her since the last time she is back.
something that never change,
she is still the cartoon character like before :P
which means it is always fun to be around with.
it was raining, and we ran through the street of bukit bintang,
and typical vicki with the cartoon running, was really funny and fun,
altho lots ppl looking at us, try to figure out why are we running.
we running to pavillion coz..

we want catch our fren divesh performing in pavillion with the kl troopers.

here is a video that i've taken, altho the audio is not that good here. basically they use normal house appliant to make music.. cool huh?

after walking almost the whole bukit bintang area and also times square,

we head back to sentral, where dena picked us up after her church.

got vicki's long awaited ramli and head back to her place.

dena sent me to the hilton Kl.

a bit out of place at such a grand hotel, with my bags.

i was waiting for my parents to end their dinner,

while waiting, i sat at the lounge, enjoying the live band

suddenly i saw someone familiar,

its Bell.

apparently she managing the live band in the wedding reception.

upon arriving home..

finally my frame is completed.memories from those good time that i should never
ever forget.
of course b'day gift.
introducing the new toy;
i have lots of red item recently,including my room

looking good?

the goodside is, its my first ps. or in this case a psp. but it runs on the latest motherboard, the version 5.1, thus i cant play pirated game, well at least not yet till some genius hacker cracks it,

i guess my game will b running on original game which cost a bomb! guess its true what they say

" we cant have everything" guess i just have to b thankful

at least it can go online via wi-fi and skype.

dinner on sunday night.

finally after 2 whole year of waiting. been wanting to go to Hard Rock

ever since i visited Hard Rock Rome.

last year's b'day was at my cousin's wedding

so this year, am not gonna miss it, the chance to come here.

can b my latest fav spot.

love every part of it, from the jockey parking

yes i like to b pampered sometimes, or always, to the extend of someone opening the car door

am the king of the day anyways :P

and like always,have to get those hardrock shirt.

still regreted that i din not visited the one in Makati-din know it exist

oh well, at least now i have KL's and Rome's

cant wait for the one from Bali in feb :D

the T i wanted was the special edition to go with the one i already have

this time its Bono's, more reason to get it, sadly it ran out of size :(

on the bright side, i have my ozzy osbourne's.

dinner was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S

altho a bit smoky the place but its all good.

meat i tell u! meat! ribs! brisket!

suprisingly the bill is still reasonable.

good place,good food, good time.

and those singer at concorde hotel was awesome too!

that time they sang savage garden.

I'm over-joyed,

I'm over-loved

And I'm feeling lucky like a little boy


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