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Saturday, December 20, 2008

december.. what a month.. so far..

so here is the almost summary of the whole b'day in december. with mid term finally over there is still midterm dateline to rush before christmas, there is also christmas gift dateline to meet.so much things to do and yet so lil time. and with the exam scheduel is out, having 3 exams from 6th,8th,10th. hectic time but somehow i interlace it with some good time too.thinking back, i went back to the place where it all started today. no am not gonna put up some emo post or crap like that. and so... lets begins,

the mark for this is F for the suprise, not for stupid fuck, but A +++ for the effort, guess next year i think u guys know who to kick out from the organising commitee huh?

around 1a.m 4/12/08, i was called home and waited and heard lots of noise

*herm... wonders wat could that b*

think i said "suprise" 1st than them :p

erm... how bout that 1, yes that 1 the new one.good thing is
b'day this year have a few new guest to choose from, last year was kawai,but this year..
forget kawai when there is a sea of choice from yong chainn to carmen :P

yes, am the king

from 1 king to another, king of stupid fuck to the king of all his subjects :P

a huge ass card, this is some 'touched' moment, thanks a lot!

and let get the party started

previous year

this year
a note of thank u, for JJ and kean and who clean up the mess after that.

due to some other commitment by others,some are understandble,some are just well.. themself

leaving us at the curve for dinner

oh yea and the other 2

went to "laundry" for a drink after that.

and time for some "exercise" after all that drinking and eating.

another note of thank u for the 3 amigos for their time

the following day..

ms.gan b'day at 'full house"

happy 20th

make a wish.. it might just come true

this sunday, 14th:

P cock-Jin a.k.a mr.emo turns 20

steamboat bbq place in serdang

i wish for " j 001"

at the beautiful bridge, normally v can find drug addict,hookers under bridge all

over the world, under this 1, we found:






with the sexy legs..

this shemale creature

and the best dresser for the night

we head back to my place after that. why? because i like my new job. am a bartender

i like serving people,

very much

very much of alcohol

with very much of alcohol content

like to serve them

not down them

and the result?

*nothing personal, its just business- please don curse me once u possess AGAIN, with so many b'day and christmas is coming, its hard to say not to some extra income, thus i know this would boost traffic, do click on the advert thanks!"

later tonight, and i haven't hafal all the lyrics yet! noooOOo....!! guess something to look forward to is seeing my family, its been awhile since i went back home.

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Yin Fung said...

u know i take everything as a personal attack hor.

so u wan sarcasm or curse or u wan mature-ish comment from me.

(it was a regretful day, seriously cos u all din get 4D)