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Friday, August 24, 2012

Total Recall

Have you watch the movie Total Recall? If you do, sure you would remember the scene where the hero got to know about what happen to him in the pass via a video that he himself have recorded before he was abducted and wiped out all his memory.

It has been almost 2-3 months since I last blogged. I feel like this blog is something like the video in the movie Total Recall. Where I reminded myself, who I am and what I strongly believe in. And those that would take my memory away from this is the path of life it self. It is not saying that life path is bad, just that sometimes you are too caught up with your daily life, struggle to make it in your career, makes you just lost or forgotten of who you really are, forget about the child voice within.

Time and experience will certainly change a person. I personally go through this. On how I've changed my perspective. Taking for example leaving Bangsar from Klang. Grow up in a school and environment others would envy of, although none of us feel that we are a class above the rest. Just mention the word Bangsar sometimes make people feel inferior, I don't fully understand it until I move to Klang. Being is such strategic real estate area, which is near to town, it is appealing for the working class, and being so called the hip and happening with plenty of angmoh around, lots of the younger generation would like to boast that 'hey I hang out in Bangsar" rather than when you say Klang, people would associated it with the far geographical position from downtown KL. It makes them sound cool and better inside, although they might come from other place just to hang out there. You could really tell the different from those who is really from there and just 'hang out' there.

But now I spend most of my time in Klang or Melaka more than in Bangsar. Yes although all the friends do ask me to go over and meet up as how they put it that ' this is your hood '. I spend more time with the family more nowadays thus makes me understand them more. And this have changed my view, and also priority. Although my place is far from the hip and happening, but being far from all that have its blessing, which is more time with the family.

 This is a part of God's plan for me. Although I am not the strongest of christian believer. I feel that this is His, plan. When I move to Klang, I've complain and etc... but at the end of the 'struggle' He will show you the light, what is the blessing behind all that struggle. It is just a state of mind, if we were to open up our heart and mind and think of the positive things that come out of it.

Having said that, I have yet to know what is His plan for me in my career. Probably now is the 'struggle' stage. Yes work is alright now. But it is not how I imagine it to be. My pilot dream if I were to be realistic, from The Sun article that I read last week where there are 1000 plus cadet who are graduate is jobless, and the current status of my eyesight. Who am I kidding? myself? Statistic doesn't lie and yes I have yet to confront that matter and accept that it's virtually over. Certainly this statement does not and would not come from me if I were say 2-3 years ago.  But again, as I have mention earlier above, time will change a person. Working does give me the hard reality of life. Work certainly kills off the voice of the child within you. Apart from work, others decision also play a role that would effect you. Come September , I would certainly not be seating on the heir of the 150 million ringgit of annual turnover business.

I hope that in the end of the day, I could still stay positive despite multiple setbacks and see His plan , the bigger picture and eventual outcome for me like how I see it for my move to Klang.


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