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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good

Past month - January has been quite fruitful in term of relationship. In my past post in few months or years back, I remember venting about a friend, who was literally my first friend here in KL. And how he keep on avoiding and FFK ( did not turn out for appointments) with us. At the moment I along with all our friends was really frustrated with him, as it is always been the 5 of us throughout high school. Macam lah boy band only.

Moving on 2012, I spend my new year eve this time welcoming in a more social manner, as compared to how I welcome 2011 with 2 boxes and pizza and with my Final Year Project on my computer. I went to Bukit Tinggi/Janda Baik with 2 of the boys and 2 more of our girl friends. From there we move foward and forgetting about our anger towards this friend and about him in general, and promise to commit to play badminton, one of our favourite past time every friday.

Then come the time for one of us to have his big day, wedding day. During the yamcha session after badminton, I suggest to my friend to invite him to the wedding. After all, it would be the last chance, and last hope or last throw of the dice to save the friendship. So he did. However the message did not get him until Out of the blue, the friend texted me to wish me Happy Chinese New Year. I feel it is a sign, thus I intervene again asking if he would come to the wedding, he did not notice the invitation until my text. Long story short, against all odd, even on the day itself, we have our doubts on him coming, as he always promise to turn up but did not. But this time he pull through.

Another event is more a family story. As I have this cousin which is much older than me. When he was young, he stayed with my family until he was standard, as his parents was going through hard time, thus my mom took him in. He was brought up along with me and my siblings. However, he grew up closely with my brother as their age is almost the same,and I was too young then.

My parents especially my father did have quite a bond with him. Their bond goes was back. And as hard headed, and how mat rempit he was during his secondary school days, and rebel days during his collage years, I know he listen to my parents and goes to them when he need advice or help. Even though they argue, he will still listen, no matter how unhappy he looks. Taking from him, who is also short tempered when ever anyone else try to lecture him, but my parents got a way with him.

Unfortunately something happen 2 years ago, between my cousin and my father. I personally feel it is a small thing. However, the ego of two grown man got the better of them.the cold war goes on for 2 year until this Chinese New Year. Till he wanted to go to his wife to be house for engagement. That morning, I confronted my mom and explain to her how I wish to intervene like how I did for my friend case earlier. She gave me an earful because she told me as if she did not try. But 30 minutes later she told my cousin to go up and invite my dad personally. And the rest like they say it, its history. Even this long weekend, my cousin and his wife is at my house almost everyday.

Although these relationships does not involve me directly, sometimes, I feel it is not always have to be about ourself, taking a step back from the spotlight, looking at others being happy, make me glad too. In addition to witnessing my good friend taking a step in marriage, and my brother and his girlfriend, seems to be having a smooth sailing one make me happy for them. Got me thinking, maybe it is time to look into my own matter, where is my direction will heading to. Rather it is personal or career.

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