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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is this real

The reality setting in, two month of officially working. I am now on the threshold of adulthood. Although there are still a lot to learn in the office, financially, its a bit far from settle.

My boss asked me and a few other in one of our discussion, " Do you think you are at the level where you could afford a coffee from Starbucks?" To be honest, No I don think I am at that level yet. Even as a student, I did not step into Starbucks more than 10 times. But as you can see at the mall, majority of the customers are students or working class people. I do asked myself, "How can people afford it?" Not only Starbucks, due to the technology that we have today called Facebook I see lots having drink at fancy places like Library to have a pine of beer, how much does that cost? I am sure it is more than RM 5. So coming back to square one, "How people can afford it?"

So far, some of the possibilities are,

  • Is my pay that low? or it is just their pay is higher?
  • Am I just stingy?
This can go on and on as there are numerous possibilities. But I feel that the best is, we ourself know what we want.Maybe its how they want their lifestyle is, after a hard day of work, its time to blow off some steam to enjoy with friends. This is a subjective issue, where there is no wrong or right answer.

Last Monday and Tuesday I went down to Terengganu for work. It is one of the places that I would like to visit other than Penang before I started work, however, the circumstances does not allow me to. Although I went there with not the ideal purpose ( no offense boss, it is just that I would like to go there for holiday instead of work along with my frens). The road towards Terengganu is awesome, one should really have a drive there. Yes it is a 7-8 hours drive, but with the beautiful view especially the Rantau Abang stretch where you can see the beach all along the way, it just make it worth it. It is some of the things that I would like to share with my frens and love one if possible.

There are a lot of amazing things just behind our backyard, although sometimes it feels lonely to travel alone, I know I have an amazing travelling partner unfortunately she is 2 hours away. * Rindu...*

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