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Sunday, July 31, 2011


July have been quite eventful for Malaysia. One common denominator is, Yellow or Kuning. First was the Bersih rally where the demand for 'Clean election'. I agree that election have to be clean. But how do we ensure it? It is still up in the air, people can argue till the cow come home, and still the argument won't end I would say. In the end, those who lose the election will say its it dirty, and those who win, will say it fair. Regardless which political party. Isn't it natural human behavior?

What ever it is, I find it absurd that in the social media where right after the rally when the PM went to England to meet the Queen, claim that the queen wears yellow in support for the Bersih rally. Isn't yellow a royal colour? And visiting the Queen and also the Pope is not something you arrange overnight, as they are busy people. So the claim that the PM go overseas to avoid or clean up after the rally just doesn't make sense to me. However it is a mistake that the PM made when he says the rally can be held in a stadium but deny Stadium Merdeka.

Well, we have to hit people when they do wrong and we have to give big hands to them when they do something right.  Fair enough?

But apart from that, where opinion are still divided, one event that unites all Malaysia.

Malaysia vs Singapore for the 2014 World cup qualifiers. There have been a lot of buzz in Malaysian football lately. Especially after the SEA game, and AFC Suzuki cup triumph, plus the friendly with 3 EPL giant. Singapore or after Thursday match known as Singapura-pura is the traditional rival to Malaysia in football point of view. After watching them lose with quite a respectable scoreline to Liverpool, I bought the ticket. If they can play like how they did against Liverpool, Singapore are in for a beating. And the under 23 team just lose 1-0 to Chelsea. of course that is mainly because you have the best team in the country, back 3. The back 3 was from the Kelantan team. If only Rajagopal put his faith in the Kelantan player in the first leg. Why la play Khairul Fahmi in goal only in the 2nd leg?

Because VVIP is better than VIP
So off I went after work to Bukit Jalil stadium, prior to that, went to Subang to meet up with my dad and some of his friends who made their way from Penang. And we thank God we have this parking, else parking would b hell.

The highway heading towards Bukit Jalil was full of Malaysia. I can see their car decorated with the Jalur Gemilang. Also in the lrt where people either wear yellow or blue ( the night's kit). Vuvuzelas, horns, drum, all of it are brought to bring a carnival atmosphere and support the Harimau Malaya.

The stadium was sandwich even as early as 8pm, there are no seat available. The crowd spill onto the walkway. The atmosphere was so tense until the Singapore enterence was guarded by police.

The crowd was in a jovial mood before the kickoff. People are singing, and having positive and belive that Harimau Malaya could overturn the 2 goal deficit.

Vuvuzelas and horns are blown while the players are warming up... until..... singaporean clown try to push their luck, where 3 of them walk into the Malaysian side of crowd. It could be a similar incident of the Man Utd fan that walks into the Liverpool training session. The crowd waste no time jeering and boo-ing them. Until they leave immediately.

When both teams are out, the Singapore national anthem plays in the air, however the crowd boo and the horn are honking until you can't really hear the national anthem. It is then proceed with Negaraku. It is one of the loudest Negaraku I've ever heard. Everyone was singing their heart out.  

Although the team lost on aggregate. But looking at the bigger picture I think we have already won before the kick off. When the national anthem was playing, man, woman , children even disable people come and support the national team and sang Negaraku loudly and proudly. Regardless the event at early of the month that divided the nation from various political thinking, here through sport, it is just an epitome on how Malaysia should be, united as one. 

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Kok Jin said...

you don't honk or boo when other people are singing their national anthem. That is disgrace and disrespectful.