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Monday, February 11, 2013

Time to grow up

It's been ages since I've post or visited the blog.the season of writing blog seems so yesterday.lots of my comrade's blog seems dead.i guess the transition to other medium of social media platform such a tweeter,whatsapp etc are more appealing nowadays.this also as all of us are working now.yes WORKING!

Stepping in the working world seems to change a lot of us,with me included.my promise to NOT go in the vicious cycle of the hamster wheel,seems unavoidable.like many I am working to pay off my commitment,and working to add other material commitment such as a house,which seems to be the last nail on my coffin in the cycle.which translate myself to be literally and forever doomed being a slave worker.to add insult to injury the real estate price today it seems impossible,once I heard a quote, "if you are earning less than RM5,000,you will be the next generation of homeless people."

Coming to the new year which is 2013 and even today is the second day of lunar new year,a lot of things have change in the past 1 month.its amazing how powerful God is,to change thing so quickly. 21st Dec 2012, was the turning point,for me and also my family. Alyssa was born.our family first baby. Making myself naik pangkat to be an uncle.however the twist is,she was born with several disorder.of the 99% chances,she was the unlucky 1% percent.the incident certainly changes everything.all the family lifestyle and also focus is on her.nothing seems to matter anymore.money? Possession? Ego? Pride? All that doesn't matter as long as she get well.until today,she have yet to return home.but the tough cookie herself is getting well and hopefully all the operation goes well.i acknowledge since the first day I rushed myself to pantai hospital to the intensive care unit alone,with my brother in law.i know this is a marathon.and it is proven weeks later from the doctor's test.

This event also marks my first time in my 24 years of living NOT in kelantan for CNY.the feeling is different not celebrating it there,although I don't need to endure the hours of car ride home,but somehow I know God have plans for me.Not going back,and canceling my annual leave to go back to work due to dateline,is also frustrating to be honest.but I know it's a test from the Man Himself.

2013 have been a really challenging year so far,needing to be strong with the roller coaster news that the doctor are giving,needing me to see the positive side of things no matter how negative the news is.so I could cheer both my sister and brother in law.somehow I know I can't collapse no matter how down I feel sometimes.this adds to added responsibility and required to put on a brave face at work no matter what happen.

Although it is just the beginning of the year,somehow I feel it's already been so so damn long.it is a testing period for sure.not sure this is just the start of this season but wishing and hoping a brighter season is coming along,like the rainbow from the rain.

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