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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back to December

Today the first of December,also my first attemp to update my blog via my mobile.it's been a few weeks since I've downloaded this apps.

So the big day is approaching,for me to turn to the big 23.the number held great significant especially in the sporting world,made famous by an NBA legend-Michael Jordan,and then by David Joseph Beckham.

There been a buzz at home asking for what I would like to have for my birthday.To be honest I don't really have the desire to have anything that is wrapped in a box and those fancy wrapping paper and ribbon.

If a genie really exist and grant me 3 wishes,I would say in my ideal world,I would be an airline pilot that is based in Penang island,having a place around Straits Quay area or Miami bay,having my gf nearby in her dream job at intel,with my mom and sister having a partnership running their food business and dad and bro too have their partnership.

But in reality,pilot won't b based in Penang,and after hard selling,mom won't send me to flying school even when if she could afford.but for the rest,it seems more realistic,where the gf is more likely to get a job in intel,and my siblings and parents are likely to run business.thus back to square one,I hope to find hapineess in my 23rd year.hapiness can not b in monetery form,although having a little bit extra dough is not a bad thing.

Hapiness can be in a form of being able to do what ever u want to do and when.I promise myself not to miss the Penang jazz festival this year.it's always either this or the monsoon cup that I wanted to watch.however I have to give it a miss due to exams,or assignments as this time is normally a short semester.regardless of that,it's been a tradition for me personally to go on a week 'break' in a run up to my bid day.I would then pamper myself.

But in the working world is a totally different ball game,although having extra financial muscle compared to working,working commitment unable me to go and have a good time on my big day.thus till next year I have to say,Penang jazz festival,hard rock cafe and all my lovely friends that I've promise to go down.hope you all will still remember me this time next year.

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