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Saturday, June 25, 2011

MH- Malaysia Hospitality

When you took on a plane, to go anywhere from which ever airline, do you notice that each airlines have it's own tag. For example Air Asia (Malaysia) uses AK**** follows by the flight number. Emirates uses EK**** and Malaysia Airlines uses MH****, this MH is stands for Malaysia Hospitality.

So it marks the end of my eurotrip, I knew once I have landed on Kuala Lumpur International Airport tarmac, it is the brink of a new chapter in my life - working life. It is always on my mind to go on a eurotrip, to visit friends, as I might not be lucky enough to further my education abroad, it is nice of them to welcome me to the UK. The last time I went to europe, I was playing Daughtry's  Home, and the capt says something on the announcement, " We have landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, on behalf of the cabin crew I would like to welcome you to Malaysia, and for the Malaysian, Welcome home" 

I remember it, because it is significant. This time, as I visited a few places and meet a few faces, I believe that well home (Malaysia)  is always the place I feel comfortable with. As I speak to a few people, they got nothing but praise towards Malaysia, some have been here for a few time, some even says that " I am not lucky enough to visit there yet" Makes me wonder sometimes, why we Malaysian are the one that bashing our country while others have nothing but praise. 

With Ezman exactly where Vidic and Rio Ferdinand seats

Ms.Chew at Leicester Square, London

Dinner before Pei Ling went back to Nottingham

When friends do things like opening their door for you for accommodation and provide hospitality, coming all the way from other state to meet up with you, and some took time off from boy friend just to take you round town. I would say I am lucky to have these friends.  Thank you very much.

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