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Monday, August 17, 2009

game over

when start of the sem things look bright. sadly today thing take a wicked twist today, when Dr.Ong announce the mini P will be terminated with immediate effect due to safety reasons. apparently some joker complain. means no more Nanotech Malaysia 09, no more wearing lab coat with curious on looker looking, no more late night burning the mid night oil trying to finish the report. we been working very hard for the past 8 weeks, never before i slept at 3 am during the first week. i gotta admit it is time consuming, takes a lot of time of other subjects, but there is a lot i have learnt from this project. like how this material could possibly help us to conserve our natural resources. its like how the wright's brother first propose the aeroplane. nobody belive them, and now is a revolution. so thus nanotechnology. maybe its still fresh, and yet the chance of being a pioneer is there. chance to make history. sadly even to be the first nano majoring that conduct the experiment, we fail to set the bar. and no its not because we are not capable, its because of the outside factor, the admin of MMU, that put this program under a premature end. thinking positively, maybe its a blessing in disguist. maybe we can concentrate on other subjects from now on, but the burn is felt, it burn a hole in our 30 young hearts, that it comes to an end. friendship have been made, bond have been closer, even when you thought at first they are ur enemy, in the you are ally, and be friends. i guess thats the positive that we could take from this experience. and so does for kickboxing, at least for this semester

belacan group- trying to emulate the bawendi's

the result of our labour

as we got excited for the 2nd phase of our experiment, who would have expected it comes to a premature end today.

currently my fav song, it brings a tune that i know most of the people in mini P would share the same feeling.

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